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Hey! I’m Allen Rabinovich¬†(ra-bin-ah-vich)

Welcome ūüôā

I’m an education entrepreneur with a passion for coding. Scroll down to see a quick¬†bio or take a look¬†at a few¬†companies and¬†projects that I’m working on.

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Graduate School

Master’s in Instructional Technology and Media @¬†Columbia’s Teachers College


Bachelor’s with Honors in Molecular and Cell Biology @¬†University of Connecticut

High School

Learned how to learn @ Stuyvesant High School


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Managed over 25 employees, both full-time and part-time in the education technology space. Maintained an employee/contractor satisfaction rate above 90%.

Sales + Marketing

Worked as the primary sales executive and marketer for both Allen Mentoring and ScholarStem.


  • Bootstrapped both¬†companies to profit within 6 months.
  • ScholarStem went on to earn $180k in revenue in its first year with a starting capital <$10k.
  • Experienced running both online (SEM, FB) and direct (cold call, event) marketing campaigns.

Web Development

I’m not a rapper developer. Over the years I’ve picked up several coding skills¬†that helped our companies shine.


I used WP to create this site, as well as and


Intermediate/advanced knowledge of HTML/CSS. Used it to edit this site ūüôā


Workable knowledge of JS attained through self teaching. Wrote the base code for the card editor in the Card Game Toolkit.


Developed Android apps from scratch and dabbled in Swift. I’m not proud enough of any of my projects to post them…yet.